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Ghilotti Construction Cowboys

We filmed these 3 commercials on a western set in Sebastopol. They've been airing on major Bay Area stations for a number of years. Saddle up.

Lytle's Beauty College

We scripted, shot, and edited this promo piece for this unusual beauty college. If you're looking for a beauty school, this one has heart.

The Advocate

Produced this promo for a local Sonoma County lawyer. If you need a good advocate, dis da man.
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Intelisys hired us to present their company's story to a singular audience: their salespeople. This video successfully kicked off a major trade show back east.

Bibi's Burger Bar

We produced this spot to introduce Bibi's after they renovated. Shot documentary style, all the customers were real and the food was fantastic!

S.R. Water Agency

The resuse of water is critical for our community's needs and our environment. Take this tour of The Laguna Treatment Plant, have a look.
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We've been helping companies to present their new products for decades. This vast experiences helps to make a subject that is very technical, very interesting.

Happy Birthday

One of my clients had a birthday coming for a good friend of theirs, I created this short video for them, they loved it!

Community Action Partnership

This promo was created as a vehicle to attract donors by showcasing what this incredible organization does. Multiple award-winner.
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Share The Road

Produced for California Office of Safety, these 3 PSAs were part of a succesful bicycle safety campaign.

Flip This House

This client needed a quick turnaround for a spot she was seeking on A&E's program, Flip This House. We delivered.

Patient Dental Marketing

This successful spot was produced for a marketing company that sold it to dentists nationwide. The tag at the end was individually customized to each unique dentist office.
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Voices Visions Venues

Produced for a non-profit website helping young people find their way -- opened up their landing page.

Spring Lake Village

After this promo was completed I received a letter signed by over 70 of the residents thanking us for the interviews we did with them and how well we captured their community. Best award I ever got....

Political Spot

The 2016 Sonoma County supervisor's race was pretty brutal. We produced this spot (among a series) for the Noreen Evans campaign to help counter the lies put out by the opposition.